Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finally...a mix of pics from Summer 2009

Lunch and a day of registering at BabiesrUs for baby K!

Luke enjoying an afternoon at the beach

Jilly and Zach both love the water!

My California Girl!!

They both wanted to fit in the wagon...it was a struggle but they managed.

Great Aunt Kimmy got a hold of me and look what she did!

She even got to ME! It is hard to see but I have a small pony tail too!

Mr. Cool at the dentist...he did awesome and still remains in the no
cavity club!!

Andrew and I with our Godson Luke Patrick Pryor! Luke did great and
he even had to be completely naked for the dunk and didn't make a peep!

My nephew Chase...chubby wubby!!!

Uncle Andrew, Uncle Mike, Zach, Jack and Tori visiting Cousin Kevin's grave...
such a beautiful place, and we really do miss him!!

Zach and Jack being silly as always at the Pryor's Pub aka Margaritaville.

Zach and his friend Franklin jumping into the pool...Zach loves to swim and the water has been
90 degrees!

Playing with Cousin Katelyn's water table

Jilly Bean walking around as we were celebrating Cousin Taylor's
1st birthday.