Sunday, July 17, 2011

4th of July Fun- 2011

Our 4th of July was one busy day.  We started the day at the Scripps Ranch Parade with the Moeller family.  Then it was time for swimming and a BBQ at our house.  The perfect end to a great day was spent at Del Norte HS with the Janczyk family and fireworks.  These were some tired kids when all was said and done.  

Mason, Maddie, Luke, Jillian and Zach 

 Surfin dude

Visit with the Conrads

We were fortunate to spend an evening with Lauri, Jon, Kirsten, and Kate.  Lauri was down for a conference and brought the family with her.  The last time we had seen them was on our way home from Lake Tahoe last year.  We met Kate for the first time as she was in Lauri's belly last visit.  The kids had a ton of fun playing and as always, Jilly found a new friend in Jon :)  The kids went swimming and enjoyed each other's company, as much as the adults enjoyed catching up.  We always look forward to visiting with old friends!

Jon and Kate 

Jilly and Jon 

Lauri and her brother Lars 

Jilly and Kirsten 

Lauri and Kate 

Starting our own rock band

Fun at the San Diego Fair

This year I took all three kids to the San Diego Fair, better known as the Del Mar Fair. I braved the crowds with them for a day of fun. Our friends, the Moeller Family, joined us as well and the kids had a blast. We saw a lot of animals, and it just so happened to be Fire Service Day, so the kids got to see a mock car fire being put out by one of our local fire departments. After lunch it was time for rides...too many rides for me to count, but I surely noticed the cost of the tickets, crazy!! Not to mention paying for 3 kids to go on the rides! The kids walked away with three stuffed animals and I walked away with three very tired kids. The highlight for Luke was riding the pony, he was the only one who wanted to do it, and Zach who got to ride the ferris wheel with me.

Luke and Mason 

Jilly and Zach 

Top of the ferris wheel 

Bumper boats 

Day of fun with the Battaglia Family

 A few weekends back we were able to spend some time with my godparents and their grandkids.  We had an awesome time and can't wait to do it again!  Time spent with extended family is always the best!

The play room- can you find Zach in there?

Luke and Jillian loved all 10 dogs, but they took a special liking to this one! :)