Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The New Children's Museum of San Diego

This past Saturday I took the kids to the Children's Museum downtown. Nana was watching Jack, Tori, and Chase and she decided to bring them down to play with us. The kids had a wonderful time doing all kinds of different activities. There was dress up, chariot rides, building blocks, jumping and bubble fun. We will definitely have to visit this museum again!

Zach, Jack and Tori

Driving chariots

Jilly trying to figure out the floor

Having fun building block towers

Luke climbing a wall

Jillian and Tori playing in the bubbles

Fun jumpy

The cousins

Graffiti?? They look a little suspicious huh??

Watching the trolley go by

King Luke and his court giving him fake food

Time with our AZ friends

Our friends Ryan and Shawna came out to Cali for a week and rented a beach house in Mission.
We went down to spend an afternoon with them and enjoyed time at the beach. The kids had fun cooking smores and seeing their friends. The next day I took Zach to Legoland the Marrs/Millers and had so much fun! We have definitely missed them, and Zach wonders when he will get to play with Trevor and Madison again.

The ladies of AZ

Shawna and Trevor

Ryan, Shawna, Madison, Trevor and Kristen

4th of July 2010

Here are a few pictures of 4th of July with our friends Gwen, Mike, Zac, and JT.
We went to a local high school's football field to watch fireworks. Zach is not so
sure about the loudness of them and Luke and Jilly looked like they were sleeping
because they were afraid and maybe the light from the fireworks was too bright for them.
All in all, the whole weekend was awesome and the kids had a ton of fun celebrating our
nation's independence!!