Monday, December 31, 2012

Sea World Snow

We went to Sea World after Christmas with friends.  The kids had a great time and even enjoyed some man made snow... ;).  It was a busy day there but we got our tickets so we can go back and enjoy next year for free!!

Standing in line waiting to sled 

 Gotta love Jilly's sledding attire, obviously only in San Diego

 Luke and Zach going down at the same time

 Hey that was fun!

Jilly getting some speed 

Only I wear flip flops in snow :) 

 Throwing snow balls

Avery, Taylor, Jilly, Madeline, Dylan, Luke, Colin, and Zach

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!!  We enjoyed our first Christmas in the new house.  It was fun to decorate and see how excited the kids were!  Of course Santa was good to all and we enjoyed a week filled with family and friends.  

 Our first Christmas tree in the new house

 My littlest elf

Christmas Eve church service 

A sheep and an angel for the living nativity creation 

Helping Mia and Gramps usher at church 

 Christmas Eve with the cousins

 Another Elf :)

 One of Santa's reindeer

Jilly and Katelyn having fun

Great Picture with Great Grandma Ruth

All the great grandkids minus Cole with Great Grandma Ruth

Midland's Pancake Breakfast

This year we attended the annual Pancake Breakfast at Midland.  We brought our cousin Katelyn along and had fun eating pancakes, decorating and eating cookies, and even seeing Santa.  So sad Santa picture did not turn out...oh well, next year!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving with the Romeos

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving dinner with the Romeos on Saturday.  Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jennie came done for a visit and the kids loved seeing them.  Of course for the kids playing with Jack, Tori and Chase trumps it all!
Puzzle time 

 The chefs

 Andrew and Jennie

Uncle Tom and Aunt Carol 

Aunt Trisha 

Jilly took this picture of daddy 

Uncle Mike 

The photographer herself 

Auntie M with her cherry pie, yum!

Thanksgiving in AZ 2012

We made our 3rd annual trip out to AZ to visit wonderful friends.  This year we stayed with Ryan, Shawna, Maddie and Trevor for 3 nights and then with Amber, Donny, Erin, Emily, and baby boy for 2 nights.  The kids had a blast and enjoyed the time with their friends.  We even got to go to Erin and Emily's 2nd birthday party and visited with our AZ cousins as well.  Unfortunately I did not get photos of those two events :(.  Our trip always goes by way to fast and we are definitely looking forward to next year!
Jilly, Trevor, Zach and Luke 

Feeding the ducks with Maddie and Trev's cousin Kristen 

All the kids, we met up with Shawna's sister Shannon and her two girls Kristen and Ashley 

Pick up game of kick ball with Ryan has head coach 

Riding a cool train 

The tallest Christmas tree, I couldn't get the top in the picture :) 

More duck feeding with Amber, Erin and Emily 

Amber with Emily and Erin 

Jilly and Emily riding the airplane 

Mr. Cool