Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jillian and Luke's 3rd Birthday Bash

Jillian and Luke were very excited to celebrate their 3rd birthday this year. It just so happened that the party landed on their actual birthday which made it even more fun! They started the morning by wearing the birthday hat and of course opening a few presents. Luke got Rocky the dump truck and Jilly got a very special baby doll. This doll is hand made by Bamboletta located in Canada and is very hard to come by. Her doll's name is Demi and as you can see she loves her very much!
We were then off to celebrate with family and friends at the Old Poway Train Park. The kids got to have spray on tattoos and balloons made, as well as a very special ride on the old Steam Engine train. Because we loaded the train with all of the birthday party guests, we got to ride the train around the park 3 times instead of the usual 2. The kids all had a blast and we really enjoyed seeing everyone. It was a successful day to say the least, and Luke and Jillian are so excited to be 3 now. Jilly makes sure to tell me that she is BIG now and not a baby...ummmm not sure how I feel about that, but inevitably they are growing fast!!

Great Papa guarding the presents :))

We even got Great-Great Grandma out to celebrate with us!!

Luke and his buddy Jaren

Cupcake mouth- say cheese