Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jack's 8th Birthday

Zach and Jack are two weeks apart in age and truly the best of buds!!  We went up to spend Jack's birthday with him and had a sleep over.  The kids had a blast and loved being together.  We celebrated with a little Round Table pizza, birthday cake at home, and pool time the next day.  

 Chase, Zach, Jilly, Luke, Jack and Tori

 Happy Birthday Boy!

 In addition to an Itunes gift card,  Zach made Jack a present that included a letter with a coin holder including coins in it.  
 Jilly and her painted face, too bad it washed off when she went swimming!

Tori, Jilly and Luke swimming

Saying Goodbye to Great Papa's Ranch

My grandparents bought land out in Campo many years ago and built their house on 55 acres of land.  My grandma passed away a few years ago and now my grandfather had to sell the house as it was too much for him to maintain.  I grew up going out to the ranch helping my grandparents with all the animals they used to have.  There are so many wonderful memories there.  Zach remembers coming there but Luke and Jillian really had no memory of the ranch since we didn't frequent it often over the past few years.  We had the opportunity before the sale was final to go out there and get some stuff and take a few pictures.  The kids had a blast exploring!
 Zach riding my old bicycle

Zach loves the windmill and wanted to take these two home with us

Looking down from the water tank at the house, garage, orchards and pastures

Mia with her grand babies at the main water tank on the top of the hill

 Jilly took this picture

 Luke took this one

Mia took this one

Cousin Courtney's going away party

Cousin Courtney left for St. Croix to work with sea turtles.  Mike's aunt and uncle thru a party for her and the kids got to swim and see the King girls minus one.

 Kym and the kids

Courtney, Kym and Katrina with the kids (in order from left to right)

Opening Day of T-Ball for Luke

 Opening day this year was kicked off with a pancake breakfast and then team pictures.  This is Luke's first year with T-Ball.  His is on the Bats and has two friends from church on his team.  His best friend, Miles, is on the Bulls.  He plays 2 games a week, a week day game and a Saturday game.  It is so cute to see these little guys out there trying to learn the ropes all the while trying not to let their attention span get the best of them.  Luke is one of the littlest guys on the team. 
Luke is on the far right

 Luke and Miles

Being silly!

Johnson Family Visit!!!!

Where do I even begin with pictures??? We were soo fortunate to spend 5 days with the best family!  My best friend Kira brought her family for their first visit to San Diego.  As you can see we had an absolute blast and were very very busy showing them some of the sights of San Diego.  The trip went way too fast and the kids had a ton of fun. They all cried when Will and Kate had to go home.  I hear that Will wants to live in San Diego now...maybe one of these days??!!  Auntie Cole can only hope!  Will and Kate loved our green dune buggy so much that Kira and Cody bought them one when they got home.  We are all definitely looking forward to the next trip whether it be to SD or us going to Utah!
Celebrating Kira's Birthday

Auntie Cole and Will

 Me and my bestie!

Will getting his first taste of the "green Jeep"

 Birch Aquarium

 Will knows how to make his sister Kate smile! Love my Goddaughter!!

Look mom no hands!!

Will loved going to the park with us.  It had been a little while since he last got to play in the sand.  He has been used to cold snowy weather.

Hangin bean

What a monkey Will is!

Luke and Will 

Safari Park with Will, Kate, and Cousin Cecilia

 Luke and Cecilia "hiding"

Sea World
Looking at the Killer Whales

Looking at the "ugly" walrus

Miss Kate and Auntie Kir

Jilly and Cecilia talking turtles

Cousin Ann and Cecilia


Testing the water with Uncle Code 

 Sweet little Kate checking out the sand

Showing off some muscles 

 Jilly and Auntie Kir

 Just love this picture!!

 Silly "Toot"- yes that is his nickname :)