Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The insulation and drywall are going in!!!!

The insulation on the house was put up the other day and now the drywall is going in!  So fun to see this progress.  The kids love the pink cotton candy walls...I had to warn them not to lick it :)  Once the dry wall is hung, then the stucco can go on...more to come soon!

Great Great Grandma's 98th Birthday

On September 11, we celebrated Great Great Grandma's 98th birthday.  Lots of family and friends came to help her celebrate.  The kids were most excited to see our extended family from Texas and Ohio.  

Fun end of summer pool pics!

Look at us!! We should join the circus!

Camp Out

Gramps took Harry (Zach) and Howard (Trevor) for a camp out in the back yard. The boys had so much fun, but needless to say there was not much sleeping going on, especially for Gramps! The next morning all the little ones got their turn to get in the tent and I know they can't wait to be a little older to do this with Gramps!