Monday, April 25, 2011

Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday 2011

The first picture is from Palm Sunday. It was a surprise to have the kids up front and it was so nice to see them having such a great time waving the palms, singing and even Jilly Bean was dancing :). Easter Sunday morning, the kids found their Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny had left, and somehow I managed to not take any pictures of that event. We then went to church and came back home for breakfast and an Easter Egg hunt. Zach picked out the bags to carry around because he figured they would hold more eggs than the baskets did. Of course they had to show off their candy and even shared a little with Grandma Ruth. After our Easter Egg hunt, we headed up to Monica's house. The kids had a ton if fun playing, running around, enjoying a second Easter egg hunt, and even got to see some colored smoke bombs. Toward the end Luke was like the king in the wagon being pushed around by every one else. He seemed so content and happy sitting there!
We were so blessed this Easter and look forward to an Easter in our own house next year!!!!

Palm Sunday
Hanging out with Katelyn after church

Showing Mia our candies

Luke and Grandma Ruth

Luke, Jillian and Tori sitting with Caylin, Aunt Trisha and Nana

PopPop is looking a little tired from chasing 6 kids all day :))

Fun Safari Park Pictures

We went to the Safari Park (aka Wild Animal Park), as us Native San Diegans know it. We went to specifically see the butterflies again this year, but also made a stop at the Lorrakeets. Those birds are aggressive when you have nectar as you can tell by the pictures. At one point I think I had at least 5 birds on me at once. I was hoping that none pooped on me! I was really afraid for Gwen and the one on her head as well. :)) The butterflies were amazing as always. Zach loved them landing on him, Luke and Jillian however did not and screamed if they did. Little nervous Nellies!!

This one about on Zach's shoulder is the one that flew up onto his face moments later...

Updated House Pictures April 2011

It has been a week since I have taken these pictures, but as you can tell there has been some significant progress on the framing and roof. The kids were very excited to run through the house and see where their rooms are going to be. The picture on the bottom is Mike's workshop.

Jilly Got Her Nails Painted!

I took Jilly to get her nails painted the other day, she was so excited to go. She made sure she brought her own paints- pink for her fingers and purple for her toes. When we got to the nail salon however, she got really nervous and wanted to turn around and go home. Fortunately, I finally got her to sit in my lap and the ladies painted her nails. She was all smiles when it was over and now I think she is hooked!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Funny story about my little guy Luke :))

So, we decided to go to Chucky Cheese this past Tuesday to celebrate Jack and Chase's birthday. They kids immediately take off in different directions so excited to use their tokens on the games. Luke and Jilly remember going for Zach's birthday not too long ago, so they were extremely excited. When it came time to eat, all the kids came back over to the table, and I soon noticed Luke was not there. I asked Zach to go find Luke, and he willingly took off in search of him. A few minutes later Zach returns and says that he cannot find Luke. So, I decided to get up and go look for him, thinking that Zach just did not see him in his hunt. I go over to Luke's favorite games and he is not there. I keep looking with no luck. I go back by our table, but still do not see him. I keep walking around, and now I am starting to get nervous. Then, I see Chucky Cheese and the other characters over by the birthday party area, and I decide to go check over by there since Luke liked watching them dance when it was Zach's birthday. As I walk closer to the stage and down the long rows of tables, suddenly I spot him!! Luke had joined a birthday party, sitting just 2 seats away from a birthday girl. He was just finishing birthday cake and was drinking soda...he seemed to not mind at all that he had joined a completely Asian birthday party, and that he was the only blonde haired/blue eyed kid around, not to mention that his family was not around either. I kindly thanked the adults who supplied him with the goods and told him to tell the birthday girl thank you, and of course, Happy Birthday! Part of me really wanted to get a camera to take a picture but I surely didn't want to offend any one...Oh Luke, the things you do that make us all laugh!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Zach's 6th Birthday- March 31st 2011

Zach was so excited for his actual birthday, he was sort of bummed that he had to wait the 31 days of March for it to come. I reminded him that he gets to share his special day with Uncle Andrew, and that that is the day God decided to have Zach join our family. Those things didn't help too much, but he survived. He was so excited the morning of his birthday that he couldn't wait to go downstairs and open a present that had been left for him the day before by the front door. Inside the bag was his birthday hat, and he wore it proudly all day. We brought cupcakes to school for his friends, and then after school he had a Tee Ball game. Nana, Pop Pop, Mia, Gramps, and Daddy all made it to the game. After the game everyone came back to the house for dinner and birthday cake. Before dinner though, Zach had to open his presents! He wanted a remote controlled helicopter and an electric toothbrush, both of which he got. He also got new clothes which he desperately needed and a fedora hat. He always wanted a hat just like Gramps. Luke and Jilly enjoyed sharing in all the festivities, and they even had to get their hats out too. Cake on special for that night was Boston Cream Cake, one of Zach's favorites!

Zachary's 6th Birthday at Chucky Cheese

The weekend before Zach's birthday, we had a celebration at Chucky Cheese. Zach really wanted his birthday to be there, and so we decided to invite a few friends from kindergarden, family friends and family. As you can see from these pictures Zach had a blast. I have never seen him smile so much and be so excited to be somewhere. He loved begin the center of attention and of course couldn't wait to get home and open his presents. Even the adults had a great time...with an occasional beer and a few tokens who wouldn't have fun! :)

Zach in the back with his friends Riley, Jake and Navin

Ready to go in the ticket blaster!

One happy kid!!

Recent funny pictures :))

Here a couple of cute pictures I took in the last few days. The weather is warming up and Luke and Jilly thought it would be funny to pull all the pool toys out and pretend they were swimming in the front yard. It won't be too long until the pool is warm enough actually swim!
The other pictures are of Luke our Rockstar!!! Zach got a paper guitar for his 6th birthday and Luke loves it. He loves to pretend he is jammin away! He did have underwear on behind that guitar BTW...

Luke at the Dentist for the first time!

I took all 3 kids to the dentist the other day to see Dr. Evelyn. Zach has been before so he is a champ at the dentist-still no cavities whooo who!! Luke, as you can see from the pictures, had a blast too; he was so good and let the dentist do what ever she needed to do. He was my little rockstar! Jillian on the other hand, had an absolute fit. You would have thought that the dentist was pulling all her teeth out one by one. Hence, no picture of her was able to be taken because I had to hold her down. No cavities for all the kids is a great accomplishment!