Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

The kids had a lot of fun celebrating fall and of course Halloween with their friends and cousins.  We made it to the pumpkin patch twice, but only had to buy one pumpkin as we were able to grow two big ones and lots of small ones in our own garden.  For Halloween the kids were able to wear their costumes on three separate occasions which made them happy.  As you can see we had one police officer, a firefighter, and Tinker Bell.

 The two pumpkins on either side of the big one in the middle were home grown!  Funny that they smelled like cucumbers and not pumpkins...

Zach, Riley, and Little Zach 

Jilly is under that mask somewhere 

Annual picture at the Newman's bar

Harvest Festival and Vista Fire Open House 2011

Our church had a harvest festival in early October.  The kids had a ton of fun playing games, petting animals, and getting their hair spray painted.  Fun for them, mess for mommy. After the carnival I took the kids up to Mike's fire station for an open house.  The kids had an awesome time as always sitting in the trucks and pretending to be firefighters.  They even had fun in a smoke room and got to see mommy get dressed up too!

Helping Gramps in the garden

Helping pick the tomatoes

Luke loses his tooth

Just like Zach did when he was 3, Luke lost his tooth. The dentist seems to think it was some undiagnosed trauma that made his tooth come loose.  It finally looked so loose that one morning I asked Luke if I could see his tooth and I pulled it right out! No pain, it wasn't even connected...he was so excited for the tooth fairy and when the tooth fairy came she brought him a coin holder with Lego guys inside.

Daddy Visits School

Mike was able to visit Luke and Jillian's preschool class this year for fire safety week.  The kids all had a great time learning about fire safety and checking out all the fire gear.  Jilly apparently was nervous with daddy fully dressed, she didn't want to hug him...oh my nervous nelly!

Corvette Diner with the kids

Corvette Diner is a childhood favorite of mine.  I hadn't been there in many many years.  We decided to go (ie. with the Janczyk family) for a night of fun.  It is a traditional 50s diner with lots of fun for the kids.  This is at the end of the night after milk shakes and some food :)