Monday, September 24, 2012

Pop Pop's Birthday

We got to celebrate Pop Pop's Birthday with the cousins!  Pop Pop especially loved his VS bag :)

First Day of School 2012

Here's to Zach's first day of second grade and Luke and Jillian's first day of Pre-K.  They were excited to have new lunch boxes and were definitely excited to see their friends again.  We make it a tradition to get ice cream after the first day back, this year it was Costco ice cream :)

 Now you can see Luke's lunch box

In front of their classroom with Miss Megan, Ms. Cathy, Ms. Alena, and Ms. Diana

Zach and Riley meeting up to walk into class together.  They have Mrs. Moiseve this year.

A forced smile from a goof ball 

Yum Costco ice cream

Last beach day before the start of school

The day before school started I took Zach and his best bud Riley to the beach.  They had a ton of fun boogie boarding, body surfing, and digging a hole (for gold that is :) ).  It was a great day at the beach and as you can see many others thought the same thing!

Pastor B's Farewell

We recently had to say goodbye to our favorite Pastor.  He is transitioning to a new phase in his life since he did not like the term retirement.  He started at our church 35 years ago and built it into what it is today.  We will and are missing him tremendously.  The kids always made sure to give Pastor Borgie a huge hug at the end of church every Sunday.  He was always willing to give a huge hug right back.  He had so many words of wisdom and has done great things for not only our community but for those in India as well.  His mission was truly God's mission!  We love you Pastor B!!!!

A little VBS fun for 2012

This years Vacation Bible School fun

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair Day at School, what a fun day!

Visit with the McClouths

We were very fortunate the summer to have a visit with our good friends and their girls.  Amber and Donny made it out here 1 week after we moved into our new house.  They escaped the heat and helped us break in the new place.  The kids had fun playing with the girls, Erin and Emily.  Jilly loved teaching the kids how to play dollies and I think she really enjoyed having other girls to play with.  We spent some time at the beach and even made it to the Safari Park one day.  We are definitely excited to see them in AZ for Thanksgiving this year!
 Jilly and Emily

 Jilly with Erin and Emily

 Riding the train at the Old Poway Train Park

 Playing at the beach in San Clemente

Our set up at the beach
We were joined by Auntie M, Jack, Tori, and Chase

San Diego County Fair 2012

Our yearly trip to the County Fair included a pony ride and watching the moster trucks.  The most fun for the kids is all the rides.  Talk about breaking the pocket book the end it was all worth it!

4th of July 2012

Our yearly tradition of attending the Ashworth/Blair 4th of July party continued this year.  This time we made it a little earlier than usual and actually spent some time down on the beach with everyone.  Of course there was awesome appetizers, food, and certainly can't forget the home made ice cream!  Keeping with tradition, we made sure to take a picture of all the kids and each year we keep adding a few more.  

 Luke, Avery, Madeline, Zach, Dylan and Jillian

Here are all the kids with parents included. The two babies in the back (Taylor and Colin) were the newest additions this year.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Fun Summer Pics

 Taking a bath with Cousin Tori

 Hangin by the garden

 Trying to help Gramps move his office

Morning after their first sleepover at Katelyn and Cole's house

 Morning after sleepover with Jack, Tori, and Chase
What a bunch of crazy kids!

 Darth aka Luke

Swimming with Jack 

Riding the train with our cousins 

We had a swim play-date with Luke and Jilly's friends (and twins) Grace and Gianna 

All tuckered out! 

Enjoying some beach fun with Trevor 

Waiting at Costco to buy our new TV, what a great babysitter this was! 

Zach and Trevor 

Having lunch with Maddie in between soccer games