Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 2011-A Mix of Photos

Here are some pics from this month so far. The kids have been busy playing with friend at the park in the nice weather we have had. 80s in January is so nice. We have also begun our adventure with the property. All of the footings, plumbing and underground electrical are in place to pour the foundation this next Tuesday. The kids love going out to the property to see the progress and to ride on the tractor. We are excited to see the progress as it unfolds, our dream just might finally become a reality. Woo HOOOO! Oh our other excitement this month was Jilly Bean getting stitches in her chin. She was running at school and tripped hitting a wood table. 4 stitches total and she was a trooper. Now she has a matching scar like her mommy!
I got to spend three days in AZ for a conference and also was able to enjoy some free time with friends. Amber brought her twins (Emily and Erin) up to visit me which was wonderful! The girls are getting so big and they were so happy to be lounging by the pool. The last picture is from Zach's school Sock Hop and enjoying the first ever root beer floats...Yum Yum!!