Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pre-Christmas celebrations

Luke and Jillian had a Christmas performance, Jilly danced to a snowflake song and Luke danced to Frosty the Snowman, hence their shirts. They had so much fun and then enjoyed some treats afterward. Zach had a Pancake Breakfast the next morning at his school, and Santa even came. The highlight was getting piggy banks at the craft fair with their names on them. Needless to say, Luke has already broke his...

We went to Daddy's fire station for a Christmas party and Santa again! The kids started by coloring, eating, seeing the firetrucks (trying to drive them), enjoying some homemade snow, and sitting on Santa's lap. Santa brought some great treats in his bag that were a big hit!

Jilly's 1st Haircut

It was finally time for Jillian to get a little trim. She did so good and was so excited to finally join her brothers at the haircut store.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Romeo Style 2010

As you can see the Romeo's had a great Halloween! We enjoyed being Smurfs, carving pumpkins, and trick or treating. Luke and Jilly really got the hang of it and Zach practically ran into everyones house to get candy. Can we say pure excitement!
Zach had his classroom artwork on display at our local Costco before Halloween!

Papa Smurf at the Midland Elementary Monster Mash

Pre party with our friends Jessie and Woody (aka Maddie and Mason)

Lukey Smurf

Jilly Smurf(ette)

Our pumpkins

All the cousins trick or treating : Trevor, Zach, Katelyn, Taylor and Jillian

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chicago 2010

I was fortunate enough to get to go to Chicago this past weekend for work and pleasure! I was invited by Medtronic to attend a Women and Heart Failure Conference, which was great. It was so nice to be able to go with good friends who know how to have a good time :). We enjoyed the sights and sounds of Chicago, as well as the spirits! Two of the best things we did were shopping and eating famous deep dish Chicago style pizza. Yum Yum! Thanks Ashley, Gwen and Heather!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Few Miscellaneous Fall Pictures

Here are a few pictures I have accumulated recently and just haven't had a chance to post. They are a mixture of family get togethers, pumpkin patch fun and Fireman Zach. We have had a blast recently seeing family from out of state and getting ready for fall, and all the rain that has come with it. The kids are enjoying putting their rain boots on and getting their umbrellas out to do some puddle stomping. Unfortunately with fall, we have already had our fair share of colds. We manage to get through though and keep having fun. We have our Halloween costumes picked out and now we are just waiting for Trick or Treating time!!!

Fireman Romeo (Zach)-wearing some of daddy's gear

Family picture- The Perez', Romeos, and Radu Families

Cute little Jilly, oh and she is potty training and doing a great job!
Yeah Jilly Bean!!

Where's Luke??

Family dinner with Great Papa Williams, my dad's two sisters and their families, and
my mom and Stan. My cousin Ann, Carey and little Cecilia were in town from Kansas so we needed to celebrate!

Great Papa Williams with all his great grandchildren. Zach, Jillian, Luke and Cecilia

Driving the train at the pumpkin patch

Luke and Jillian riding the train at the pumpkin patch

Double rainbow! I have never seen this before and it was spectacular!! It stayed around
for quite a while too! You could see both ends so well, unfortunately the picture doesn't do justice.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zach's First Day of Kindergarten!!! August 25th 2010

WOW!! Zach's 1st day of Kindergarten has come and gone. I can't believe how fast he has grown, and what a nice young man he is turning out to be. He is at Midland Elementary in Poway right next to the Old Poway Train Park. Yesterday we had orientation and a meet and greet with the teachers. He has Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Lehardy as teachers. They both seem very nice, and I think it will turn out to be a good year. When I went to pick him up from school on his first day, Mrs. Wood told me he was great and was very helpful. Zach told me he followed the rules because he didn't want to get sent to the principal's office :) Of course he was excited to take his new backpack and lunch box, and to be able to wear his new clothes and shoes!

Fire truck lunch box and Handy Manny backpack

Sun was a little bright in his eyes

Playground and kindergarten classrooms

Day Break at the Racetrack

This year for the first time, I took the kids to the Del Mar Racetrack for breakfast. Every Saturday and Sunday throughout racing season, you can eat breakfast and watch the horses warm up. We went specifically to celebrate Gwen's birthday as she does this every year around her big day. The kids had so much fun watching the horses, listening to their noises, and waving to the jockeys. I think this is something we will plan on doing every year!

Luke was intent on watching the horses and I just love this picture of him!

Gwen and Mike

Jilly getting a wave from the jockey passing by

My little Lukey

Zach holding a clock I happened to win at a raffle, to bad it wasn't the 3 night stay at a hotel in Palm Springs!!

Sea World Fun

Before Zach started kindergarten, I took some time off of work and took Zach one day to Sea World. We were there 10 hours! Monica, Jack and Tori came to spend the day with us as well. The two boys had so much fun by the Journey to Atlantis ride, that they got soaking wet and didn't really care. They met up with Elmo and Grover and Auntie Cole even treated to kids to a messy dessert before the fireworks started.

Scripps Night at the Ballpark 2010

Every year Scripps Health purchases tickets to a Padre game at Petco Park. This year a few of us from the cardiology department went and we had tons of fun. The kids ate all kinds of baseball game junk and the parents had a few well deserved drinks. Unfortunately the Padres lost the game but we came away with some good stories :).

Heather, Mike, and Drake Bonaguidi, me and Gwen

The clan towards the end of the game

Laura and John with their adopted grandchildren

Sitting in our seats