Thursday, August 25, 2011

VBS 2011

I just got a few pictures from Vacation Bible School this year.  All of the pictures came out awesome and as always Zach had a blast! Can't wait to Luke and Jilly to be old enough to go.  There do some great art projects and of course sing and praise God along the way.  Our church really knows how to do it!!

Zach and Tori 

Zach and Jack singing 

Zach with his group 

Love this picture of Zach and Jack with the cool hats! 

Our wonderful Pastors!! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

House Progress

We are getting there...

First Day of School 2011

Zach started First Grade today!  He has Mrs. Prickett this year, and so far he tells me that his first day was great.  He likes his teacher and had fun with his friends he'd been missing all summer.  There are a few kids in his class that he knows which was good for him.  Today also happened to be the first day for Luke and Jillian at their new preschool.  We switched them to Tierra Bonita Preschool, which will be closer to us when we finally move into our new house.  Their teacher is Miss Becca, and they loved her as well.  All in all, a wonderful first day, went better than expected.

Legoland with Riley

Before school started I took Zach and his friend Riley to Legoland.  We met up with Gwen and little Zac for the day.  The boys had a ton of fun.  We managed to go on rides and spend a few hours at the waterpark.  After all that, the boys were still going at 10 o'clock that night!  Wore me out though.

San Diego Botanical Gardens with Mia

We finally got Mia to go with us on an outing to the Botanical Gardens in Encinitas.  The kids had a ton of fun playing and climbing the trees.  Very fun place to take the kids!

Zach's Mohawk :))

Two weeks before school started, Zach asked for a mohawk...and he got one.  He had so much fun with it, especially when it was painted different colors.  He got a ton of compliments as well!

Our San Francisco Escape

The pictures say enough, but just in case....WE HAD AN AWESOME TIME!!  Loved San Francisco and enjoyed our time while the kids stayed with Nana and Pop Pop.  Andrew and Jenny were gracious hosts and we will have to make this a yearly trip if we can!!