Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day 2012...a Leprechaun came to the house

A Leprechaun came to the house for St. Patty's Day and he made a big mess but left behind some treats.  He brought cupcakes, Lucky Charms, stickers, and lots of green sparkles.  Zach made a trap but the Leprechaun was too fast to get caught.  He even wrote on his with green pen and said "Can't catch me!"
Notice we still like to wear our Christmas pajamas in March...

Baseball 2012 Season Opener

Opening day on the ball field.  Zach is on the Tigers this year.  He is on a team with a lot of good players so we are working with him to improve his skills.  He seems to have fun once he gets out there, but we realize baseball may not be his thing...especially when he ducks and moves away from the ball when its coming to him :)


All of the cousins ended up at church at the same time, this never happens so I had to sneak a picture of them eating donuts

Gramps with the grandkids