Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Land is being Graded!!!

We feel like we have been waiting forever, but the time has finally come! We have BIG machines out on the land and there is work being done! Amazing!! We thought this time would never come. Mike has put blood, sweat and tears into this project and it is so nice to finally see some progress. Follow along with us as we build our home. I will try to keep the blog updated with new pictures as our dream becomes a reality!!

These are all pictures of the land pre-grading and some will show you the view we will have!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sea World 2010! Happy New Year!!

We enjoyed a trip to Sea World just after the New Year with
our cousins. Courtney, Kym, Caylin, Katrina, and Aunt Carol came
along to help us with all the kids. We had tons of fun with the Sesame Street
characters, the Clyde and Seymoreshow, and even touched the bat rays.
Unfortunately, my camera is still broken (hopefully being fixed as we speak),
so I am relying on others for pictures.

Jack, Zach and Tori

All the kids with Kym, Caylin and myself

Cutie pie

Christmas Eve 2009

Our Christmas day pictures are on another camera and we
are waiting to get camera broke just before Christmas
and I am hoping to get it back soon. In the mean time, I have relied on
my sisters and mom to take as many pictures as possible.
Luke and Jillian, its hard to get them to smile...

Zach and the twins with their new light spinners, Zach is in heaven!!

Zach, Luke and Cousin Trevor

Cousins Katelyn and Taylor, Katelyn is the one trying to
put the lid on the box.

Auntie Shannon and Luke

Daddy watching all the comotion. Katelyn is our stripper. Notice
our new Christmas jammies!!

All dressed up in our Christmas clothes after Church, this
picture was easier than last year, amazing!!

Jilly looks so sad, but really she's just taking it all in!

Luke trying to open presents he shouldn't be and getting
caught in the action.

Christmas jammies!!