Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oops forgot some cute Mother's Day Pictures...

The day before Mother's Day we went to the beach to spend time with Nana and Pop Pop as well as Mike, Monica, Jack, Tori and Chase. The kids had a great time even if it was pretty cold there. Zach and Jack played in the water for at least and hour. We BBQ'd and made Smores, just had a plan ole good time!

Luke and Chase

Luke, Jillian, Tori and Chase

Mike, Monica and Nana...just after this picture was taken a flock of pelicans flew over head and bombed them pretty good ;)

Zach and Maggie the Monkey

During the last weekend of school for Zach, we had Maggie the Monkey come stay with us. Maggie went home each weekend with a child in Zach's class. She brought along with her her own clothes and a journal about all the fun she had on the weekends. The kids were supposed to bring her wherever they go and take pictures of her doing different things. Zach wasn't as into it as Jillian was. Jillian pretty much carried the monkey around the whole weekend. The few pictures I got of Zach were forced...however, I do think Maggie had fun with us, and it was fun to write in her journal about our weekend activities!

Sitting on the steps by the pool at Aunt Carol and Uncle Tom's house. Nana, Carleigh, Caroline and Tori joined in the fun

Donut shop trip

Hiking with Gwen and Mike at Torrey Pines State Beach

Stutler Family Reunion 2011

Memorial Day weekend took us up to Ohai for a Stutler Family Reunion. The kids were really looking forward to camping for a few nights, luckily we scored a fifth wheel that was nice and comfortable. We all had a ton of fun visiting with family and meeting a few family members we had not met yet. The food was delicious and the kids were spoiled with activities. The pool was awesome and by the end of the weekend the kids were totally worn out! I have so many pictures so it was hard to pick just a few to share.

On our way up, Jilly started the trip tired I guess :)

Most of the family enjoying a warm sunny day

Zach and his cousin Camden looking up at the birds that were flying around

Feeding the horses carrots

Jilly Bean with Uncle Andrew

Mike helping Joe LaSalle get the meat from the pig that was cooked in that big BBQ

So much swimming

Luke and Little Luke

Hanging around the hot tub

Jilly chasing the chickens

Oh so tired from a long weekend of partying!

A Few Cute Pictures From a Birthday Party

Zach's friend Riley from school had a birthday party at our local Lake Poway. They had fun games for the kids like potato sack races and spoon races. There was a Sponge Bob pinata and jumpy. There was face painting involved too which only Luke participated in. He was the Incredible Hulk. The kids had a ton of fun at this party and we were some of the last people to leave.

Jumping Jilly Bean

Zach with his friends Riley and Navin, being silly

Incredible Hulk, well sort of...