Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zach's First Day of Kindergarten!!! August 25th 2010

WOW!! Zach's 1st day of Kindergarten has come and gone. I can't believe how fast he has grown, and what a nice young man he is turning out to be. He is at Midland Elementary in Poway right next to the Old Poway Train Park. Yesterday we had orientation and a meet and greet with the teachers. He has Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Lehardy as teachers. They both seem very nice, and I think it will turn out to be a good year. When I went to pick him up from school on his first day, Mrs. Wood told me he was great and was very helpful. Zach told me he followed the rules because he didn't want to get sent to the principal's office :) Of course he was excited to take his new backpack and lunch box, and to be able to wear his new clothes and shoes!

Fire truck lunch box and Handy Manny backpack

Sun was a little bright in his eyes

Playground and kindergarten classrooms

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