Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zach's 5th Birthday at Pump It Up

These are pictures from Zach's 5th Birthday Party at Pump It Up. Everyone had a ton of fun and Zach loved having his cousins, friends and school friends there. All the kids were sweating from running around. It was a perfect time to wear everyone out, get a full belly with yummy pizza and then go home for naps. For the first time Zach enjoyed having everyone sing him Happy Birthday, and he even had fun blowing out the candle. In the years past he has always had some issue with it and ended up crying. He was all smiles this time though, and I think having school friends there made all the difference. Jilly was little miss social and Luke just kind of hung out and then just wanted mom to hold him. Balloons are always a big hit with all the kids. I think even the parents enjoyed it because they could just let the kids run around without worrying about where they were going to run off to. We had the whole room to ourselves. Looking forward to Zach actually turning 5 in 3 days...he keeps asking me when he is 5 and how many more days. I think in his mind time goes really slow, but in mom's mind time has flown by and my little baby is growing up. WOW!!

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