Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zach's Kindergarden Field Trip to Sea World

Zach had his first field trip today and I got to join in the fun with him. He was a little nervous about riding on the school bus, but had a great time. He wanted to sit in the front, I tried to get him to go to the back but he didn't want too...hum. :)) We went around most of the exhibits, seeing the dolphins, Shamu, fresh water aquariums, penguins, polar bears, and best of all, the walruses! They were eating right up close to the window which allowed for some great pictures. We hung out with a few of his friends all day and the last picture is one with his teacher Miss Garcia. At one point we found a grassy area to each lunch and next thing I knew, the boys were rolling down the hills...oh I remember the days!

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