Monday, September 10, 2012

Cousin Dustin's Wedding

This year the kids had the opportunity to be in two weddings.  The first was for my cousin Dustin.  The wedding was in April up in Monterrey, CA.  They were so excited to be asked to be a part of Dustin and Andrea's wonderful day.  We made a little vacation out of it and went up to Great Aunt Kimmie's and Uncle Craig's house.  The kids loved spending time with Maui, their dog, and the 3 cats.  They got to ride on the boat out in the delta and even got their hair styled by Kasey.  We did have a visit to the Urgent Care with Luke who developed asthma to something in the environment.  It all turned out okay but he spent the whole wedding day coughing, poor little guy!  It was a wonderful trip and the kids are looking forward to heading up to the Sacramento area again soon!

 Jilly and Kasey

 Dustin and Andrea

 At the Monterrey aquarium

 Luke and Maui

 Boat ride

 Aunt Kimmie and Jilly

 Visiting Kasey at work

Watching Kasey play softball

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