Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Fun!

This year Luke and Jilly were invited to a Halloween party at their friend Nicole's house.  They decorated cookies, played Halloween bingo, bobbed for apples, got tattoos, and played around.  It was a great time and they loved seeing old friends too!
Decorating cookies 

Eating the finished product, yum yum! 

Jilly with her good friends Maddie and Ally.  They watched the bobbing for apples but never wanted to do it. 

 Luke did, though, and here he is eating his apple!

The weekend before Halloween we had Jack, Tori and Chase some to our house for a sleep over.  We started the night by going to the Birch Aquarium for a Halloween extravaganza.  They always do such a nice job of making it fun for the kids and they always have a great band playing too!
Chase, Luke, Jillian, Tori, Jack and Zach 

Our pumpkins this year.  Zach wanted a spider, Luke wanted squares, and Jilly wanted hearts.  Not too bad right??!

And finally, Halloween night!  Trick or Treat!!

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