Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Great Papa's Ranch

My grandparents bought land out in Campo many years ago and built their house on 55 acres of land.  My grandma passed away a few years ago and now my grandfather had to sell the house as it was too much for him to maintain.  I grew up going out to the ranch helping my grandparents with all the animals they used to have.  There are so many wonderful memories there.  Zach remembers coming there but Luke and Jillian really had no memory of the ranch since we didn't frequent it often over the past few years.  We had the opportunity before the sale was final to go out there and get some stuff and take a few pictures.  The kids had a blast exploring!
 Zach riding my old bicycle

Zach loves the windmill and wanted to take these two home with us

Looking down from the water tank at the house, garage, orchards and pastures

Mia with her grand babies at the main water tank on the top of the hill

 Jilly took this picture

 Luke took this one

Mia took this one

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